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Processing filet in the main square in Quarrata around 1910

Mrs. Noemi Volpi started the company in the small town of Quarrata, a short way from Florence, Italy. Her production reflected her love for handmade, fine quality, beautiful embroidered home linens.

After the second world war, Mr. Umberto Bagni, Noemi’s son, joined the company that successfully continued to grow still treasuring the “old fashion way” of manufacturing.
Specialised craftsmanship and creativity gived birth to renowned designs as “Caterina Dei Medici” and “Principessa”, loved by the most exclusive clientele of the time.


 Detail of a tablecloth in “bissone” style

The Company expanded considerably still dedicated to hand-embroidered pieces but specialising also in “intaglio” work, drawn thread work and needlepoint, adorning the most beautiful homes in Europe.

Mr. Umberto and his daughter Cristiana and her husband Nicola decide to establish a headquarter in Seattle WA, USA, to face the needs due to the expansion of the american market and launch the collection into foreign countries.

After 89 years of business the Company is still developing and creating, with the same spirit and know-how both classic and contemporary, luxury linens just like it was in 1926. Production and styles have been adapted to meet the modern market and satisfy even the most demanding customer world wide.