Bisanzio embroidery

Beach Towel Tubo & Frame appliqué, Trios embroidery

Quattro & Empire embroidery

Quattro embroidery on terry

Karl appliqué & Cinque embroidery

For almost 100 years BagniVolpi Noemi makes high quality collections of bed linen, towels and table linen for luxury homes, yachts, hotels and Resort&Spa all over the world.

Infinity & Rigona embroidery

Tiffany, Margot, Serena & Rigona

Kira embroidery & Onice appliqué

Frame appliqué & Bernini embroidery

Cinque embroidery

Morris embroidery on terry


Beach Bag

With the bespoke service we offer to our customers the possibility of further customizing all our products through the choice of multiple monograms to be realized with different styles and techniques.

Embroidered Monogram

Embroidered Monogram

Embroidered Monogram

Embroidered Monograms

Embroidered Monogram

Monogram Appliqué

Embroidered Monogram

Embroidered Monogram