Our world reflects our work. We are committed to beauty and quality.

Proud when a bed set, a towel or a tablecloth is appreciated and loved by our customers. Enthusiasm, new ideas and research is part of every day work, along with treasuring in any possible way, traditional craftsmanship and our one hundred percent made in Italy reality. We hope that you who enjoy and admire fine things for the home will share the deep sense of satisfaction with which we present our collections.

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To Milan and Paris to inspect fabrics designs and colors…to noted architects to find inspiration in modern homes ad furniture designs… to world’s museums for enlightenment from the past… These are just a few of the many journeys that we do to aim for quality and design of exceptional beauty for our collections. We only use the smoothest damasks, jacquards, Percales and Sateens, combined with infinite color combinations to illuminate the world’s most beautiful homes.

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In every piece we make you will find the master artisan’s touch. These fine linens come from the hands of Italian craftsman  endowed with exceptional tailoring skills. Many of them have several decades’ of experience in making linens, a Tuscan tradition with time-honored methods handed down from mother to daughter. Although their ages may differ, their most important qualification is the same: their innate ability that is the mark of the making in a luxury product. As a result embroideries are precise and expressive, feather-light and smooth, hemstitching is delicate but strong… Every piece is by nature, dedicated to those who appreciate good living.

Hand Cutting
Embroidering Single Line
Marking Fabric for Embroidery
Chain Stitching
Sewing Corners on Flanged Sham
Sewing Room
Hand Ironing
Quality Control